Why Choose Us?

  • Experience

    Although we are a young company, we are proud of our employees being professionals in their field of specialization who have worked and gained working experience in the largest logistics companies of Lithuania. Our knowledge and experience in the field of logistics provide and ensure the highest level of customer service and logistics optimization.

  • Execution of commitments

    Within the presence of market developments, we try not to change the terms and conditions of the agreement. We strive to fulfill our commitments, because our main goal is a long-term cooperation and mutual trust.

  • Loyalty

    We are loyal to our partners – when choosing a partner, the transportation price is not always a priority. An extended and ongoing cooperation is much more important.

  • Security

    We provide insurance for each and every cargo transported by us. CMR insurance allows us to transport cargoes in almost all countries of the world, and the value of the cargo can reach up to 300 000 EUR. The fact that all cargoes are transported only by the reliable carriers having full and valid CMR insurance coverage ensures the security of our services. Vehicles will always meet the requirements of the customer.

How do we work?

  • Receive a request

    We promptly find out all the relevant information in accordance with a cargo, its specifics, loading and unloading locations. We evaluate the opportunities and make sure that we are capable to carry out the proposed task efficiently and effectively.

  • Make sure that all terms and conditions are consistent

    After receiving the request, we choose the optimal and most suitable way of transportation. When we agree on the terms and conditions that are acceptable to both parties, then we sign a cargo transportation agreement.

  • Organize and carry out transportation of cargo

    Only verified carriers, which fully meet all requirements of our customers, will carry out transportation. When the vehicle is loaded, we can maintain regular contact with the driver, as well as to track the vehicle’s geographical coordinates at any time.

  • Sorting out paperwork

    We inform customer about the delivered cargo and, at agreed time, we send all the necessary documents to the customer.

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For example:

We need cargo to be transported in May.
A tilt tractor is required to carry the planned cargo. The purposes of transportation:
– Preparation of transportation documents;

– The cargo consists of 4 euro pallets with a total weight of 466 kg;
– The cargo must be transported from point A to point B;
– Preparation of the EPI (Electronic preliminary information), as well as arrangement of the necessary customs clearance services.

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